Most Attractive New Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a beautiful type of art for ceremonies. Henna has become the part of our culture whether it is a wedding ceremony or festival occasion. In old times it was considered the part of a tradition, but now a day it has become a fashion to look beautiful on special occasions. Women apply it to look great and prominent. There are many superstitions about henna. People usually relate the color of henna with the parameter of love. It is often used for women and sometimes for men. Women apply mehndi designs on their hands and feet on special occasions such as weddings, traditional ceremonies, and religious events. Women like to make back hand mehndi designs on their backhands to make them prominent. The designs are not complicated and small.

backhand traditional mehndi design
1. The traditional and classic choice is to make leaves of mehndi designs. A string of leaves goes from the back of palm to the end of the middle finger. So that, rings can be easily worn without hiding mehndi. Bands are also made on the wrist like bangles.

backhand beautiful design
2. The attractive mehndi design looks very attractive and beautiful. The girls apply these designs because they wish to be prominent in the ceremonies. The leaves, flowers, and light shade filling enhance the beauty and look gorgeous. This design is the perfect example of beautiful henna design.

backhand mehndi design

3. A modern way to apply henna is to make a design from one finger that goes around the palm. This design resembles band and can be supported by a remote function also. It looks simple, pleasant and easy to design. Black mehndi is used to make it prominent.

simple backhand arabic

4. The Arabic designs are very familiar among brides and on other occasions. The styles are made up of leaves and flowers. Enough space is left to make it visible. To make the borders dark, black mehndi used, the regular henna is used for filling. Filling and shading gives life and alluring touch. It is also called Arabic mehndi.

arabic style

5. There is a trend to make the same design on both hands. It starts from finger and extends till half arm. The adequate amount of space is left by using leaves, flowers and creepers to give enrich and elegant look. Usually, this design is very familiar among brides.

attractive mehndi

6. This Mehndi design made by leaving space around the palm and the same pattern is used on the back of the hand. The design of palm (on the front side) and the back of the palm are almost the same. Black mehndi used for dark color. Different small designs used from the top of the fingers.

best black mehndi

7. The design makes dominant when black mehndi is used to create a traditional yet modern design. Motifs and Borders are dark. By shading the flowers, the element of life is present there. The design promenades you by its sheer beauty. The entire hand is filled up to give enrich look. The fingers decorated with designs that look like jewelry.

abstract pattern of back hand mehndi

8. it is an example of an abstract pattern of back hand mehndi design. The primary focus is on the center of the backhand. Geometrical shapes mostly circles are made to decorate the side. It is also called Tikki. Dots little leaves and flowers on the motif look unique and beautiful. The basic style starts from the center, and bands are made on the wrist. The finger tips usually beautifully decorated.

colorful mehndi design

9. There is a modern trend to fill up the mehndi design by other colors. Usually, women are fed up with seeing the same color of henna. So they use purple, silver, and green color to give a new look. These colors make the design elegant and attractive. But this is popular only among brides. The designs are also decorated with stones.

Back Hand Mehndi Designs

10. The fantastic choice of the people is that mehndi designs should look modern and attractive by leaving the space. Space makes the design prominent visible. On the fingertips, little motifs with nail paints look breathtaking and alluring. We usually fill the first finger with design and apply the same complimented design onto the other fingers also. Adequate use of flowers makes the simplest designs.

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