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Download now Bengal Tiger Awesome Wallpapers in Full Ultra HD 1080p 4K Quality. Bengal Tiger also known as Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh and India. It is the frequently found tiger subspecies. The total population of Bengal Tigers is less than 2,500 in 2011. It is classified in 20120 endangered by the IUCN because no tiger conservation landscape in Bengal supports the 250 adult individual population size.

The population of Royal Bengal Tiger in India in 2010 is 1706-1909 which increased up to 2226 individuals in 2014. They were previously 67-81 in Bhutan,440 in Bangladesh and 163-253 in Nepal. According to latest trend 103, wild Bengal Tigers are living in the country. Bengal is common place to be fixed for binmen Panthera Tigris.

 Characteristics Of Bengal Tiger

1)    The color of tiger’s coat is from yellow to light orange with dark brown to black striped.
2)    Tail is orange with black rings
3)    Belly and limbs interior part are white in color. The White Tiger is recessive species of Bengal Tigers and found in Assam, Bengal, Bihar.
4)    The length of Male Bengal Tiger id, 270-310 cm including a tail and female, is from 240 to 265cm average while the female tail length is 85 to 110 cm.
5)    Male Bengal tigers have weight 180 -258kg, and female has 100-160kg.


They live in Sundarbans in Bangladesh and India. Only tigers in the world are inhabiting mangrove forests. Population range in Indian Sundarbans is 70 Tigers almost.

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