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Bugatti Chiron 2017 Marvelous Wallpapers Ultra HD 4K

The Bugatti Chiron is a sports car formed by Bugati automotive group. Volkswagen Group owns it as the successor to Bugatti Veyron. It is two door sports car and the second edition of Bugatti 18/3 Chiro. This name is given to the car in respect of Monegasque driver “Louis Chiron”. Download Bugatti Chiron 2017 Marvelous Wallpapers for Desktop background, Iphone in Ultra HD 4K Quality.

The Bugatti Chiron was displayed at Geneva Motor show on 1 March 2016.

Bugatti Chiron will available at the end of 2016 and 500 units are produced of this car from which 170 orders have already been put.

Price of this car is $2.66 million the US

Features of Bugatti Chiron 2017

Body Structure
It has carbon fiber body structure, has mid engine and all-wheel drive vehicle.

This sports car has 8 liters W16 quad-turbocharged engine. The Bugatti Chiron has 1,103 kW power and 1600 N.m torque from 2000 rpm.

The length of Chiron is 4544 mm; width is 2,038 mm and height are 1212 mm.

Top speed of Chiron’s is 420 km/h and speed of Bugatti Chiron is 463 km/h.Its predecessor Bugatti Veyron SS has 300 less Bhp than this new one.It covers 300 Km/h in less than 1.6 seconds.

Download Bugatti Chiron 2017 Marvelous Wallpapers 

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