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The Carnival of Venice is an Italian festival which held every year in Venice, Italy. It is most famous for its distinctive masks. The celebration lasts for forty days before Easter and ends with the Christian celebration of Lent. Enjoy here Carnival of Venice Festival Latest Pictures in Full HD Quality.


Carnival of Venice originated from a victory of the Serenissima Repubblica. People were triumphal, and they started to dance after the win. People gathered in San Marco Square.

After this festival held every year and became official in the Renaissance. The event became famous during the eighteenth century. It encouraged happiness, also protect Venetians from the present and future troubles. In 1797, the use of masks forbidden under the rule of the king of Austria. And in the nineteenth century, again it appeared. But not for a long time. It became an event for artistic creations.

After all, that carnival returned in 1979. Almost 3 million visitors come to see festival every year. The primary contest in the carnival is “ most Beautiful mask.”


People wear mask between Sant Stefano festival. Maskmakers got a particular position in society with their laws.
Masks made up of leather, porcelain or with the use of original glass technique. Most Italian masks made with gold leaf, gesso and hand painted. But these are expensive. American Factories made low-quality masks.

Types of Masks

  • Bauta is a simple stark white mask that designed for whole face.
  • Colombina is a half covering face mask. It is wear on eyes nose and upper cheeks. It decorate with silver, gold, crystals and feathers.
  • Medico della peste is a long peak mask.
  • Moretta is a small strapless black valvet mask.
  • Volto, Pentalone etc are other popular masks.

Carnival of Venice Festival Wallpapers

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