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A large area of land covered with trees and woody vegetation is called forests. According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, forests covered the four billion hectares area of world’s and. Forests have significant importance for this earth beauty, for human and for animal survival. Forests are part of a terrestrial ecosystem of Earth and accounts 75% for a gross primary productivity of Earth Biosphere and consist 80% of earth’s plant biomass. Download Dark Green Forests Wallpapers for Desktop/iPhone/Android Smartphones Background full Ultra HD 4K Images.

Forests Layers

Forests are made of different layers, and each layer has a different set of plants and animals depend on many factors of layer like moisture, food, availability of sunlight.These layers are

  1. Forest layer consists of dead trees, animal droppings, and decomposing leaves.
  2. The Understory layer made up of bushes, young trees, and shrubs.
  3. The Canopy layer made of twigs and leaves of mature trees and intertwined branches.
  4. The Emergent layer– exist in tropical rain forests and made of few scattered trees.

Significance of Forests:

  • Forests have the great impact on the atmosphere. These are involved in recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • They served as a carbon sink.
  • Forests help in regulating climate change.
  • They mitigating natural hazards , such as floods.
  • Forests have many positive effects on human , serve as tourist attractions.
  • Forest help in reducing environmental pollution.

But the human damage to the forests and cut down the forests for wood called deforestation. Cutting of forests causes damage of natural habitat of animals. People built roads through the forests which also cause damage the forests.

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