Top 11 Beautiful Destinations To Visit in California

In the United States, California is the famous destinations for visitors. There is a large number of stunning attraction such as gorgeous beaches, scenic mountains, etc. California is the home of many National Parks, waterfalls, and even deserts. There are many destinations to visit in California. Here an overview of 11 Beautiful Destinations To Visit in California.

11 – Los Angeles

Los Angeles at night

In the USA, second largest city. It located in southern California. It is surrounded by the Pacific Coast, mountains, and valleys. This town is well known as “the City of Angels.” the city is the home of beaches, including wild and crazy Venice Beach and Malibu. Visitors search the celebrities in this town. Tourists can look at the designer stores in Beverly Hills.

10 – Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park

This Park covers an area of 1,070,000 acres. Its location starts in Crescent City and runs south for 46 miles along the Pacific Coast. With beautiful redwood trees, the park offers many walks and picnic sites. The headquarters of the Park located in Crescent City. Redwood National Park constructed in 1868. This park has a lot of natural beauty. Visitors enjoy here.

9 – San Diego Sea World

San Diego Sea World

San Diego located north of the Mexican border. There are outstanding and ideal family attractions with fabulous beaches. It is the most beautiful and famous place to visit in California. With small town atmosphere, San Diego is the large city. It is the home of famous attractions, Sea World San Diego, and Birch Aquarium. The America’s premier zoo is the famous attractions. It located in Balboa Park with flowering gardens and Spanish architecture. Most visitors come here to get knowledge about marine life. Here Orca and dolphin shows close up encounters with some favorite marine life.

8 – Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

These parks were known for their giant redwoods. They located in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. These two parks are famous for their huge giant sequoia trees. These parks cover the area with majestic granite peaks, deep gorges, mountain lakes, rivers and forests. These trees grow more than 300 feet tall and their trunks as much as 100 feet wide. Sequoia National Park established in 1890. It is also home to Mount Whitney that is the highest mountain in the United States. The Mount Whitney is 14,495 feet tall. Other peaks have 10,000 feet length. In these parks, many wildlife species exist including bobcats, gray foxes, bears and mule deer.

7 – Disneyland

Disneyland Turns 60

Disneyland located in Anaheim. It is Calfornia’s family destination. During the construction Walt Disney supervised himself to the Disney Theme Park. This park is the home of all kinds of games, shows, and entertainment. Disney Park is complete with restaurants and hotels. It is perfect for both children and adults. The popular attractions for visitors are New Orleans Square, Frontier Land, and Fantasyland. At the Downtown Disney District and New Adventure Park, you can get the experience of great hotels, dining, and shopping.

6 – Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe located between California and Nevada. After the Great Lakes, it is the largest freshwater lake in the United States. It is a Mountain Paradise. Lake Tahoe lies in highest and beautiful mountains. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful spot year around. The main attractions in summer are hiking, biking and water sports. In winter months, the mountains offer an excellent land for skiing, with the Sugar Bowl Ski Area.

5 – Big Sur Coastline

Big Sur Coastline

The wall and ridges of Big Sur covered with redwoods. It has unparalleled beauty when rising out of the ocean. The population is inadequate. But the activities keep people moving through on regular bases like hiking and vistas. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is the best place for hiking. Big Sur starts about 4 miles south of Carmel in Yankee point and stretches along the highway No 1. The establishment of Highway 1, that braid along the edge of the mountains opened up in a distant region to arts and tourism. It is attracting like Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. You can see the splendor views with scenic views from the highway and enjoy the bright blue ocean below. Garrapata State Park is another famous area of Big Sur. The main attraction is Garrapata Beach in this Park.

4 – Golden Gate Bridge


Golden Gate Bridge located in San Francisco. San Francisco is the modern city in northern California that is full of fun and excitement. The Golden Gate Bridge keeps the water between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It opened in 1937. It is the ferry system that was used to get people between San Francisco and Marin County. It considers one of the wonders of the Modern world. Travelers can bike ride or walk across this famous bridge and photograph gorgeous views. It is an unforgettable sight.

3 – Death Valley Park

Death Valley Park

Death Valley located in the Mojave Desert, near the Sierra Nevada mountains. Death Valley is the hottest place in the United States. Death Valley is the home to a wide range of geographical features such as valleys, canyons, salt flats, sand, and dumps. Death Valley represents many outdoor activities, historic sites and nature viewing. Hiking is a great hobby, and it allows for hot summer months. Due to its night skies, visitors discover the Death Valley’s stargazing. The most famous attractions of Death Valley are Zabriskie Point for the scenic view and historical places such as Scotty’s Castle, the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns.

2 – Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island located at the Port of Los Angeles 22 miles across the Pacific Ocean. This charming Island is a favorite destination for visitors. It is very famous for spending vacation and honeymoon spot. Harbors and Avalon are two main centers of the population of this small Island. Most tourists stay in the Avalon area. While making a movie in 1924, the small population of American bison were brought in Island. Travelers reach the island by private boat, ferries, helicopters or small panels. But when you arrive at Island the transportation limited only bicycles, taxis, and golf carts. The other main attractions are Swimming, Camping fishing, and diving. It is one of the second best Destination To Visit in California.

1 – Yosemite National Park

Destinations To Visit in California

Yosemite National Park located in eastern California, Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is most scenic and popular park. Yosemite Nationa Park is well known for its incredible granite cliffs, Giant Sequoia groves, waterfalls beauty and diverse animal and plant life. Waterfalls are the most popular attractions in Yosemite Valley. Granite domes and many powerful waterfalls like Upper Yosemite Falls drops 1,430 feet at one point, and that is rise above the forest covered floor. We can see the beautiful view of Yosemite Falls from eagle point. We can look out Sentinel Dome, Sentinel Rock and Half Dome from Glacier Point. You can do hike among the 800 miles of trails and see the beautiful landscapes and glimpse wildlife. Museum and historical places also exist such as The LeConte Memorial Lodge and Ahwahnee Hotel. We hope you enjoyed a lot reading best Destinations To Visit in California.

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