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Euro Cup 2016 Latest Pictures Ultra HD

The UEFA European Championship, which is informally known as “Euros,” is primary association football competition. This competition is held to find the continental champion of Europe.It was founded in 1960 and formerly known as the UEFA European Nations Cup which changed in 1968. It was held after every four years. The last tournament was held in 2012 which is hosted by Ukraine and Poland, and Spain is the Winner. After FIFA World Cup it, the second football match watched in the world. Here you can enjoy Euro Cup 2016 latest Pictures in Ultra HD format.

Euro Cup 2016

Now 2016 UEFA European Championship is going to start from 11 June and end on 10 July. This time host country is France. It is the 15th edition of UEFA European Championship. Euro 2016 tournament was played between 24 teams, and this happened first time in the history while previously nine teams take part in the tournament since 1996. The winner of UEFA European Championship 2016 will play at 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup which held in Russia. Visit official website to watch Euro Cup 2016 matches Full Schedule information.


According to new format 2016, the teams are divided into six groups each group having four teams at a group stage and then comes a knockout stage. Top two teams from each group then qualify for the knockout stage and the best third team would also play in knockout stage means whole 16 teams played the quarter-final, semi-final and final. Only eight teams are excluded from the group stage, and full 51 games are played in Euro 2016. Each team has a squad of 23 players, two of them must be goalkeepers.


Nine teams take part in UEFA European Championship since 1996 to 2012

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Greece
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Soviet Union
  • Czechoslovakia

Most successful teams of the championship are Spain and Germany , both teams won the three titles and Spain got consecutively two titles in 2008 and 2012 and remaining teams won one title each.New teams included in Euro 2016 are listed below under their group.

Plot 1

Teams Rank
Spain 2
Germany 1
England 3
Portugal 4
Belgium 5

Plot 2

Teams Rank
Italy 6
Russia 9
Switzerland 10
Austria 11
Croatia 12
Ukraine 14

Plot 3

Teams Rank
Czech Republic 15
Sweden 16
Poland 17
Romania 18
Slovakia 19
Hungary 20

Plot 4

Teams Rank
Turkey 22
Republic of Ireland 23
Iceland 27
Wales 28
Albania 31
Northern Ireland 33

Euro Cup 2016 Latest Pictures Full HD

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