20 Lovely and Friendly Persian Cats Images

Persian cats have a long history. The first Persian cat was brought from Persia that is the old name of Iran. Then that cats were bred selectively to get the today’s Persian cats. Today, there are two kinds of Persian cats, traditional Persian cat and the modern Persian cat. Both are lovely and friendly in nature. The traditional Persian cat is doll faced, and the modern Persian cat has a flat face. Modern Persian cat can have the problem of tearing and breathing due to the flat face. They like lounging and can get nervous. Their long hair is so soft that you will need to brush them daily. Otherwise, they can catch dirt easily. Here are best Persian Cats Images that you will enjoy to see.

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attractive persian cat

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brown persian kitten

cute persian cat

doll face persian kitten

fat persian cat

lovely persian cat

white persian cat close-up on floor

most beautiful persian kitten

persian cat furry

persian cat green background

persian cat HD wallpaper

Gatto persiano

Two Persian cats, mother licking cub

persian healthy cat

persian kitten on grass

persian kitten wallpaper

pretty persian

snow persian cat

Persian Cats Images

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