Happiest Countries of 2016 – New World Ranking

The happiness of a country bases on many factors including education, employment, life satisfaction, income, health, and the environment. Here we are writing for you some happiest countries of 2016 in the world. That is latest ranking of 2106.

10 – Sweden

Sweden night

Sweden is Western Europe’s largest country. It is one of the most happiest countries in the world. Their life satisfaction score is 7.4. Sweden has big cities and stunning natural beauty with green forests, rocky Islands, and frozen landscapes. This country scores high in areas of environmental quality, overall health, life satisfaction, and some business opportunities. Sweden is least corrupt country. Swedes has income US$23047. It represents the better life standard of their citizens. People work few hours in Sweden. It ensures better work-life balance and Swedish parents get enough time for their children. Their literacy rate is 99%. Sweden capital is the first green capital in Europe. They have high purity water all over the country. The expected lifespan of Swedes is 82 years. The Sweden government spends US$558.9 billion on health care every year. The government provides health good services to the people.

9 – Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Australia is one of largest economic powers in the word with GDP of US$1.5 trillion. The disposable income of Australians is US$31197 a year. 72% people who age 15-64 have a job. It represents high living standard of Australians. Australians also face a slight risk of losing their job. One of the most popular destination. In 2013, 350,000 people expressed an interest in applying for a job in Austraila and considered six best job country in the world. 74 percent Australians qualified with a high school level degree. They ranked in top level reading, science programs, and maths. The world-class education system in Australia attracts the foreigners to the country. Australia is a home of natural beauty. The world’s largest coral system is here. The 2300km long coral system can see from space. The beautiful beaches, pink colored lakes, and world fabulous national parks make Australia to a fantastic country to visit and live. The life satisfaction score is 7.4. The expected lifespan of Australians is 82 years.

8 – Austria


Safety is a major factor that defines happiness of the country. The country has low crime rate. Austria is also recognized for the cleanliness and beautiful landscapes. The employment rate in Austria is 73%. The Austrians get enough holidays in a year to enjoy their life. They are one of most free citizens in the world. The universities in Austria have a good reputation. The students in Austria get a significant discount for some world-class concerts. For the environment protection applies strict recycling law in the country. The Austrians are satisfied with the quality of air, water and parks. The public transport system in Austria is also efficient and clean.The country has a broad network of hospitals and high population of doctors.

7 – Netherland


Netherland’s people are one of the most satisfied people in the world. The average household income is US$25493. The country also finds education as an important part of life, and the literacy rate in the Netherlands is 99%. The Dutch people maintain an excellent work-life balance to keep the happiness within the family. Few people work for long hours in the Netherlands. The life satisfaction rate is 7.4.

6 – Finland

Sommer am See bei Lieksa, Finnland

Finland has a smarter education system, cheaper health care, strong social network. These characteristics make Finland one of the happiest countries in the world. The School hours are shorter in Finland. The 83% of Finns have qualified with university level degrees. Finland has an average employment rate is 70%. Finns earn personal income US$25739 in a year. They spend a big part of their revenue for education and training. The helping environment of Finland keeps the positive atmosphere. Women fill the 40% seats of government. Finland has a very small rate of maternal death and provides exceptionally well mother and child care.Finns are one of the most healthiest people in the world. The life satisfaction rate is 7.4.

5 – Iceland


Iceland is a beautiful, peaceful and world-class educational system. This country has one of the happiest countries in the world. 80% of Iceland have a paid job because Iceland has a high working population. The employment rate for women is 79% in Iceland. Icelanders maintain a perfect work-life balance. Therefore, daily life becomes less stressful. Iceland has a well-educated population. The educational policy is extremely cheap in Iceland. The students only pay the registration fee only. Therefore, their literacy rate is 100%. The crime rate is very tiny. It plays a significant role in the well-being of citizens. A Country has a remarkable rate in gender equality. Women take part in all the main sections of politics, employment and education.The first female president in Europe also from Iceland. Vigdis Finnbogadottir became the first women president of Iceland in 1980. Health care services are excellent in Iceland. The life satisfaction rate is 7.5.

4 – Denmark


Denmark ranked in top levels in many measures including security, trust, health, wealth, and education. Confidence is the primary factor that makes Danes one of the happiest people in the world. Danes maintain high-level trust between each other. Denmark gives more importance to a relationship than money. The strong social network keeps away the stress and brings opportunities to their daily life. Denmark has a much transparent government. In working days the Danes involve in socializing, childcare, domestic work and their hobbies. It keeps away depression and anxiety. “Hygge” is a Danish term use for social gathering. Danes believe Hygge create a positive atmosphere and bring happiness. The winter season is the perfect time for Hygge. In winter, people gather together at parks, beaches and streets. Copenhagen is one of the greenest city in Denmark. Many people choose cycles or walking to reach their home or office.
The Copenhagen has important bicycle routes. The taxes are high in Denmark, but the government offers free health care services and education for citizens. The government provides remarkable benefits and support for unemployed people. Denmark has 100% literacy rate. The life satisfaction score is 7.6.

3 – Canada

Canada beauty

Canada one of the largest countries in the world. Canada is the fifth world’s happiness country. Canada has a high disposable income of US$30000. This budget indicates the high living standard. 70% Canadians have their home and automobiles.
They follow a perfect work-life. Canadians never fear about the robbery and other threat from criminals. They get immediate support from police and medical care services in the emergency. The government of Canada is committed to the new program for the development of the country and well-being of their citizens. The Canadian government provides significant support for residents in case of unemployment and health issues. Canada is the home to world-class educational institutions. Canada has literacy rate is 99%. They also provide exceptional language training for students. The extraordinary school system of Canada attracts people in all over the world. Canada is also famous due to its natural beauty. The country is home to many wilderness areas, natural reserves, thousands of provincial parks and 42 national parks. The trees across the country maintain the quality of air. Canada has average life expectancy rate. The life satisfaction score is 7.6.

2 – Norway

happiest countries of 2016

Norway is the greatest place in the world and rank on N0.2 in happiest countries of 2016. Norway is the happiest, safest and well-educated country. The personal earnings of Norway are high, and the unemployment rate is just 3.4%. Norway has an extremely low criminal rate. It is also one of the least corrupt countries in the world. The Norwegian Government provides equal benefits to everyone in the society. The older and special people will also get health insurance and pension from the government.The school system in Norway is inexpensive. Student welfare organization establish in every educational institution here. It is also known for their natural beauty. It is a home of lakes, many wilderness areas breathtaking beaches. Norway also offers a spectacular view of Northern Lights. The expected lifespan of a person is 81 years. The majority of hospitals in Norway are public hospitals.
All citizens get free basic medical services. The health a system in Norway also demands no fee for treatment related to pregnancy. The life satisfaction score of Norway is 7.7.

Norway most beautiful places of 2016

1 – Switzerland


The small and beautiful Switzerland is on Number one in Happiest Countries of 2016 on Earth. Switzerland is economically adamant and has a much transparent government. The unemployment rate in Switzerland is just 2.9%. The citizens get high wages in Switzerland. The taxes are very low in Switzerland. Switzerland is simply stunning with snow capped mountains, charming lakes, and the frozen environment. A less working hour makes Swiss people more fit and energetic. People enjoy with family, friends on weekends and do other activities. The crime rate is very slight. It is very safe to visit at any time. Therefore, Switzerland is one of the best places for women to live. The Swiss cities are also clean and tidy. 86% adults are qualified with high degrees. The Swiss government offers a scholarship for international students. There are many hospitals and excellent doctor-patient ratio. One of the healthiest people in the world. The average life expectancy of Swiss is 83 years. The citizens are satisfied with water and air quality in the country. The life satisfaction score is 7.8.

Top 10 Switzerland beautiful natural places

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