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Hubble Telescope Galaxy Wallpapers Ultra HD 4K

Hubble is a space telescope which launched in 1990 into low Earth orbit. This one of the largest telescope also known as a vital research tool. It also considers a public relations boon for astronomy. Named given after the astronomer Edwin Hubble. Download the Hubble Telescope Hubble Telescope Galaxy Wallpapers in Ultra HD 4K image.

Hubble’s have four essential instruments observer with a large mirror that is 2.4 meters long. Hubble’s orbit take high-resolution images with lower background light. It is better than a ground-based telescope.


NASA established Hubble space telescope by the United States. European Space Agency also helped NASA. Hubble’s targets selects by The Space Telescope Science Institute, and in it’s resulting data Goddard Space Flight Center controls the spacecraft.

It is the NASA’s great observatories. Other observatories are Compton Gamma Ray, The Chandra X-Ray, and The Spitzer Space Telescope.


In 1923 Space telescope concept was proposed. But the idea of Hubble telescope found in 1970. Due to technical issues and budget issues, it was delayed. It also delayed due to Challenger disaster in 1986 and finally launched in 1990.


  1. 1.2 million Observations made by Hubble since 1990.
  2. In 12,800 scientific papers have published Hubble data. It is a most productive scientific instrument.
  3. It captures pictures of stars, planets, and galaxies at about 17,000 mph.
  4. In its orbit, Hubble has traveled more than 3 billion miles in a circle.
  5. The weight of Hubble was 24,000 pounds when it launched and Now it is 27,000 pounds.
  6. Hubble telescope-length is 13.3 meter.

Download Hubble Telescope Galaxy Wallpapers

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