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Beautiful Hunua Falls Wallpaper Full HD 1080p

Hunua Falls located in the Auckland Region of New Zealand. Wairoa River situated western part of the Hunua Falls. The total height is 98 feet. It is 50-60 minutes drive from the Auckland city. It is the source of water supply. You can see water flow at Clevedon. In pictures mostly it showed in winter and summer. All the road sealed only last 1.5 km is an unsealed road. Here you can download Beautiful Hunua Falls Wallpaper 1080p HD.


The river falls over Basalt Lava Plug. From the east wall of the waterfall, you can see the beautiful tuff rings and Lava bombs. Many herbs found near the falls in which these are included

Water starwort, (Callitriche petriei)
Crassula Hunua
Water pennywort( hydrocoele microphylls)
Water sorrel ( Oxalis Magellan CIA’s)

The name of the Wairoa Falls is Lily Falls. It is 70 ft high and 4.8 km downstream from Hunua. It was shown in a photo that appeared in 1901.

Recreational Activities

From the Hunua ranges, the lookout walk and Upper Lookout Walk are two walks and their duration is 30 minutes. For abseiling you can use cliffs If you go, New Zealand never forgets to see this breathtaking scenes. It is best natural place.

Download Beautiful Hunua Falls Wallpaper Full HD 1080p

hunua falls view

hunua falls

hunua falls beautiful view

hunua falls wallpaper

hunua falls wallpaper hd

hunua falls hd


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