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Jammu Kashmir Pangong Lake Beautiful Pictures

The beautiful Pangong Lake is also referred to as High grassland Lake. The word Pangong derived from the Tibetan word Banggong Co, and its meaning is long, narrow, enchanted lake. The Lake situated in the upper mountain of Himalayas from Leh in Jammu Kashmir. It length is 14, 270 feet. It spread 134km from India to China. The 60 percent length of the lake situated in China. Download the Jammu Kashmir Pangong Lake Beautiful Pictures in HD.

In winter lake completely freeze and it is not a part of Indus River. Eastern part of the lake located in Tibet. The Southern end is called Johnson Line that lies between India and China in the Aksai Chin Region. A fort located in the Northern region of the lake called Khurnak Fort. And from the 1952 Chinese control this fort.

During the Sino-Indian War, the lake saw military action on October 20, 1962. This war was successful for the People’s Liberation Army.

Living Places

If you want to live on the shores of the lake, then tents are the only option. Lukung is a place that has facilities for camping and located near the lake. Spangmik is the best place that is like hotel and rooms of this place is excellent, and they also offer luxury tents.  If you want to see the better location, then you can live in Tangste which 32km away from Pangong Lake. June, July, August, and September are the best months for visiting of the Pangong Lake.

In Film

Some movies made here in which these included

  •  Some scenes in the film Heroes 2008.
  • Climax scene of the three idiots
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s second film recorded at this place
  • In Jab Tak Hai Jan Anushka Sharma;s Bikini scene shot at the lake.
  • Sanam Re scenes were shot here.
  • Surra Surra, Subah Hogee, Pyar ke silsile, Dil tera ho gaya, Dil Haara these songs were shot here.
  • You can never forget this place if you visit it.

Download Jammu Kashmir Pangong Lake Wallpapers

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