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A country which lacking natural resources and heavily dependent on the import of oil, iron. Ore and Bauxite for the economy of a country. But Japan is well endowed with some resources and these resources exploitation played a significant role in shaping the Japanese landscape. The landscape includes many things like hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, ponds, water bodies and human elements including the use of land in different forms like buildings, structures and transitory elements like weather and lighting. The 100 landscapes of Japan are famous scenic sites for tourists in Japan.The landscapes are divided into eight classes, Enjoy Japan Natural Landscape Beautiful Places Wallpapers in Full HD images on

1)    Coastlines
2)    Lakes
3)    Mountains
4)    Rivers
5)    Gorges
6)    Ocean
7)    Pains
8)    Waterfalls

Most of these landscapes are included in Japan’s National Parks. There are different landscapes in Japan , we discuss some aspects here

Cultural Landscape

It is a landscape in Japan which has evolved according to the way of life and geo-cultural features of a region, and which is indispensable for understanding the lifestyle of the Japanese people.

Japanese Rock Garden

It is also called “Dry Landscape” garden, often called Zen garden, composed of arrangements of rocks, moss, bushes, pruned trees, water features and create a miniature stylized landscape, also consist of sand that represents ripples in the water.

Japan Natural Landscape Images Full HD 1080p

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