Norway Most Beautiful Places to Visit 2016

Norway is the second happiest country in the world according to United Nation’s 2013 World Happiness Report. Norway is the most beautiful country in the world. Norway is a great adventure in any season. Norway invites cultural expeditions. Norway places offer architectural gems in rural villages. Here are Norway Most Beautiful Places To Visit in 2016.

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10 – Stavanger

Norway Most Beautiful Places

Stavanger located in the southwest region of Norway. Stavanger is one of the areas in the country with long sandy beaches. Stavanger is the fourth largest city in Norway with 120,000 people.The Stavanger Cathedral is the country’s best Medieval Church, and Gamle Stavanger district transports visitors back in time to 18th-century Scandinavia.

9 – Trondheim

Trondheim wallpaper

Northern city of Trondheim established in 1997. Trondheim is the third largest town in Norway. It is the ideal place for those who want to explore the history of Norway. This place is also famous for technology. SINTEF science research center is doing some of the world’s outstanding work in technologies.

8 – Kirkenes

Kirkenes image

Kirkenes located in Finnmark at the border between Russia and Norway. You will never disappoint if you travel on a Hurtigruten cruise to Kirkenes. This town rich in culture and opportunities to go King Crab fishing. You get a chance to visit the spectacular Snow Hotel at this place. This hotel is made completely out of snow and ice, and this open during the winter season. Kirkenes is the best place to see the northern lights between October and April.

7 – Svalbard

svalbard mountains

Svalbard is a real place of the heart. Svalbard located between the Norwegian Sea, the Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea and the Greenland Sea. It is an extreme and incredible place filled with wild, rugged mountains and famous glaciers. Svalbard is an actually one of the permanently inhabited spots on the earth. But less than 3000 people live there. Svalbard is excellent for wildlife, and an abundance of animals including polar bears, reindeer, walruses and polar foxes wander the wild, lonely lands so that make it Norway Most Beautiful Places.

6 – Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen mountain wallpaper

Jotunheimen is Norway’s national park. It located in nation’s south-central region. The Jotunheimen covers an area of 1,351 square miles and includes Scandinavia’s highest mountains. Jotunheimen is a home of many waterfalls, rivers, lakes, glaciers and wildlife. There are several mountain ranges including Norway’s 29 highest peaks. This part of Jotunheimen attract hikers, cross-country and alpine skiers, cyclists, and climbers all over the Europe.The National Park is also home to Vettisfossen that 275 meters (900 feet) are the highest waterfall in Norway.

5 – Lofoten Island

Lofoten Island

Lofoten is the most famous place to visit in Norway. Lofoten is a group of Island in the Northern part of Norway. The archipelago is one of the Europe’s best keep secrets. It is a most picturesque part of Norway. Archipelago located above the Arctic Circle. This place has blessed with warmer temperature due to Gulf Stream. In winter, Lofoten is the best place to experience the Northern lights and in summer, the islands have the midnight sun from may to mid-July. Visitors are staying in traditional fishermen’s cottages that engaging in activities like hiking, cycling, kayaking and fishing.

4 – Alesund


 Alesundis also named as Geirangerfjord. Alesund located on Norway’s west coast. Alesund is the gateway to the iconic northwestern fjords and surrounding alpine mountains. This city rebuilt after a fire in 1904 in which destroyed most of the town. The city was rebuilt with stone and brick in the architectural style. And now it is a perfect example of Jugendstil design, Northern Europe’s version of Art Nouveau center. The mountain peak offers stunning views of Alesund and surrounding islands. The place has an excellent shopping opportunity.

3 – Bergen


Norway’s second largest city. In the middle ages, Bergen has become the nation’s leading western port. Waterfall front the Bergen district is both a working port and tourist destination for visitors. Bergen also offers sample fresh fare at seaside restaurants. The bright old port houses were the way of trade and exports for 400 years during the time of the Hanseatic League that dominated trade in Northen Europe. But nowadays, the houses have changed into museum, artists, workshops and cafes.

2 – Tromso


Tromso is the largest city in Northern Norway. It is also named Arctic Circle. Tromso is famous both for its large number of 18th-century wooden houses and for the beauty of its natural surroundings. The two places are most attractive there. The first. The Midnight Sun is an impressive sight. Music is a major part of the Tromso culture especially techno and electronic music, that adds some thrashing lightning to a city during the annual Insomnia Festival. You will be fascinated to see the Tromso’s fishing village, fragrant botanical gardens and crystalline waterfalls. When electrically charged particles emitted by the sun in winter it caught up in the earth’s magnetic field and produces strong light. This view makes this place more beautiful and make it one of the Norway Most Beautiful Places.

1 – Oslo

Oslo City Hall, Norway
Oslo is the capital city of Norway. Most beautiful and populated city in Norway. Oslo is a modern city with a confident attitude and relaxed atmosphere. This town contains one third and two third forests, parks and green spaces that outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. Oslo is culturally rich as well. There are some museum, lively bars, and restaurants to the Noble Peace Center located in the city’s former railway station. An outdoor museum includes more than 150 historic buildings from all over Norway including a Stave Church. Besides this 50 museum in which Munch Museum that features “the Scream” And National Gallery that houses Edvard Munch included. Oslo offers plenty of food for thought. The Oslo Pass allows free travel on public transport, free parking, and site admissions.

We hope you will enjoyed a lot vising Norway Most Beautiful Places 2016.

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