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Oktoberfest is annually a beer festival. It is largest beer festival in the world. it held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It establishes in the third week of September for 16 days. This year it will hold on September 17, 2016. 6 million people go to Germany for this festival. Beer lover attends this festival. Bavarian culture is an important part of Oktoberfest, and it is famous from 1810. Download Oktoberfest Festival 2016 Latest Pictures.

In 2013 7.7 million liters Oktoberfest beer consumed during 16 days festival. Visitors also enjoy other attractions like traditional food( roast chicken), grilled ham hock, grilled fish on a stick, potato or bread dumpling, cheese noodles, etc.


It was originated with the wedding of King Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Royal weeding event held on October 12, 1810, in the fields and fields name were Theresa’s meadow and local people said “wiesn.” So at their wedding Oktoberfest beer was used. In another theory, Andreas Micheal proposed Oktoberfest during horse races.


Oktoberfest beer is registered beer and Club of Munich Brewers offer six breweries in which these are included.

  • Augustiner Brau
  • Lowenbrau
  • Hacker Pschorr Brau
  • Paulaner
  • Spatenbrau
  • Staatliches Hofbrau Munchen

Many technical accidents occur during the event. In 1980 a bomb was set in a dustbin near restrooms in which 13 people were killed. Almost 6.4 million people visit Oktoberfest every year. And 6.7 liters beer used in the festival. In recent year security improved in Oktoberfest so that the rate of fights, sexual assault could be reduced.

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