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Stylish Henna Designs for Hands – New Mehndi Styles

Mehndi is not loved for its beauty, it is an essential part of the whole ritual and is believed to bring fortune. Mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit word Mendhika, the use of turmeric and henna paste is supported by Hindu ritual texts and history. Lawsonia Inermis is the plant also called Mehndi tree. From Here you can download new Stylish Henna Designs for all types of girls.

1 – Filled Henna Style

Hands are filled with mehndi designs and patterns. Butterfly and flower designs are also used for filled on bridal hands. Filled hands looks impressive and attractive.

Filled Henna Style

Traditional and Modern

filled mehandi design

heena designs

best filled heena designs

2 – Traditional and Modern Styles

On the back of your hands, these of designs looks beautiful. These leaves and floral patterns on weddings describes both traditional and modern themes.

modern style

Modern Style heena

modern bridal mehandi design

modern mehandi style

heena style 2016

3 – Mehndi Clad Hands of  Bride

Designs with red mehndi on hands make the  designs more prominent and colorful on hands fingers and palms are designed but it looks decent, not messy at all. In standard mehndi designs, hands are not filled. Small models with little quantity are for those who feels uncomfortable with heavy mehndi on hands.

bridal design

4 – Black Henna

Designs on hands with black henna makes the style prominent and outline of design with black mehndi make it  attractive. Bride also selects this mehndi on hands because different colors present a modern look.

black henna

black mehndi

black henna

5 – Full Hand Henna Style

Designs on wedding occasions enhance the bride’s hand beautiful. Motifs on hands make the designs attractive and cute. Designs of mehndi are traditional and very microscopic and the pattern on figures are also gives a modern touch.

full hand arabic style of mehndi full hand bridal besign full hand henna style henna full hand

6 – Glitter Mehndi

Bore from same colored Mehndi on weddings and other functions. Glitter is filled with designs with tubes of different colors. It is very popular for a party and other casual occasions. Even modern brides also try this on weddings.

bridal Glitter Mehndi Glitter Mehndi latest design Glitter Mehndi step by step Glitter Mehndi

7 – Jali And Lace Henna Patterns

These patterns look ideal for marriage occasions. This design is for both wedding and engagement brides. Also feminine and attractive in brides on wedding occasions.



8 – Glitter Mehndi Designs

The stones used in designs are of different colors and sizes and glitters used in models are also in various colors. Beads on hands of brides give hands more beautiful and attractive look.

bridal glitter Glitter henna Designs Glitter Mehndi Designs Glitter Mehndi style

9 – Simple long Arm length Mehndi

In this design, we can use numbers of flowers and motifs to fill your hands.Include few leaves and dots to fill the hands and make the design complete.Start from half flower then gradually achieve the flowers further.

eid mehndi full arm elegent henna style hand henna style hands mehndi design

10 – Bold Flower & Depicting Design

It is very easy to apply on hands. Mostly it is suggested to use on the back side of hand or bride bright flowers filled with mehndi enhanced the beauty of hands. Brides prefer this design because it has bride and groom images in it. Depicting is a Fabulous design for the bride. Round lovely flowers covered in middle and running towards the end. It enhances the design appearance.

beautiful style flower mehndi flower on hand henna flower mehndi flower style new style simple brautiful flower henna simple flower henna

simple style

Stylish Henna Designs

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