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Sydney New Year’s Event Amazing Images HD

Enjoy Sydney New Year’s Event Amazing Images in Ultra HD. If you want to see the multi-tiered event, then you must see the Sydney New Year’s Eve. It held every year on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. Download Sydney New Year’s Event Amazing Images in Ultra HD. The most famous features of this event are two pyrotechnic display

  1.  Family Fireworks at 9 pm
  2. Midnight Fireworks

These two are live telecast on television all over the world. The first time it was celebrated in 1996. Syd Howard is the founder of this festival. Every year almost one million people viewed with a new theme. And one billion people see on television.


It originated from the use of fireworks on the Brooklyn Bridge. After this Syd, Howard displayed fireworks on Sydney Harbour in 1986. It was the anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy, and he offered waterfall effect.

During the 1996-98 era, the festival used pylons like a catwalk of the bridge, and arch. In 1999-2000 festival, a smiley face appeared on the bridge. Fireworks also launched on Centerpoint tower. In 2000 Foti International Fireworks created the festival. For the celebration of 100 years of Australia as a nation, A birthday cake offered in fireworks

Bridge Effect

Lighting on Harbour Bridge is known as the Bridge effect. Rope Light also included on the framework. It attached to a panel and truss system. Brian Thomson designed bridge effect in 2006, and Mark Hammer created to light in 2008.

A traditional golden waterfall is looking fabulous. Almost 1100 candle included in fireworks. Waterfall colors changed from gold to silver. In 2009, a lollipop waterfall effect looked amazing.

Live Transmission

This festival also telecast on Nine Network. Richard Wilkins is the host of the Nine Network. ABC channel also broadcast Sydney New Year’s Eve from 2015.

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