Taiwan Lantern Festival

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2016 Latest Images

The Taiwan Lantern Festival  is a Chinese event. Tourism Bureau of Ministry of transportation and communications hosted this festival. People do many activities during Taiwan Lantern Festival. Sky Lantern light over Pingxi District in Taiwan. The firecrackers ceremony of Wumiao Temple is a popular activity in Yanshui Districts. These fireworks mainly celebrate to wash out the evil and disease from the town. The view of sky lantern is very attractive. Lanterns decorate with images and wishes that related to the owner. It is celebrated in 2016 on February 22 to 6 March. Download Taiwan Lantern Festival 2016 Latest Images.

This event is known with two names

  1. Fireworks in the South
  2. Sky Lanterns in the North


In 1990, Tourism Bureau conduct an event for celebrating the Lantern Festival. It celebrates according to Lunar calendar and at the end of the Chinese New Year. The festival is also known as The Yuan Xiao Festival. The festival held for spreading the traditional folklore.


Hundreds and thousands of people attend the festival. Fengpao is a ceremony in which thousands of firecrackers burn. These are hung on five to twenty-five meters high wooden stand.

Fantastic Festivals of the world is a program that telecast on American Discovery Channel, the program highlighted the Chinese Lantern Festival as the best festival in the world. Main lanterns have their different theme; they have their music that almost 3 minutes in length. It plays during the performance of Taiwan Lantern Festival.
Children often carried small lanterns, and they place them in temples.

Download Taiwan Lantern Festival 2016 Images

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