Top 7 Beautiful Tourist Attraction in Netherland

Netherland is a charming country with most beautiful cities. Netherlands offers classical places, museums, and historical places. Many visitors come only see to Amsterdam but here are some other beautiful, charming and Tourist Attraction in Netherland.

7 – Amsterdam


Amsterdam is the capital of Netherland. Amsterdam is one of the most famous destination in Europe. Amsterdam is mainly known for its atmosphere and the red light district. During the Dutch Golden years, Amsterdam started building its famous canal. Three main canals made here. Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht. In Amsterdam 1500 incredible, monumental buildings. Visitors explore the museum at this place. This city has the highest density of Museum in the world. The Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum Museum are the marvelous museum that situated 60 miles of canals across the city. This two museum are also the best point for history and art galleries. Prinsengracht area is the a best for shopping. At this place, you can check be out the unique Coffee shops of Amsterdam.

6 – Leiden


Leiden is the scenic city of Netherland. It is a perfect place for its beautiful, tree- lined canals and highlight with ancient windmills, wooden bridges, and charming parks. Leiden is also famous due to the oldest universities in the Netherlands. Leiden located in South Holland. It is 40 km away from Amsterdam. Leiden is the birthplace of Rembrandt and its charming canals. It is the best place for a canal boat ride on the Old Rhine. This boat trip makes for you the unforgettable experience. Many museums describe the cultural and natural history of Egyptian antiquities. There is a beautiful architectural church St. Peter. Visitors must see this church.

5 – Hague


Hague is the extraordinary place to visit in Netherland. Hague is the home of Dutch Government. It is the residence of the Queen. Hague is also the Judicial capital of the world. Due to Royalty citizens, this city is called Royal City. Hague has leafy streets, fantastic restaurants, luxury hotels and shops, and lots of museums. Plein and Grokster Markt is a beautiful square here where you can enjoy the best coffee. In Gemeentemuseum Den Haag you can see the world’s largest Mondrian collection of the art fiends. Miniature is the best place for kids. This place makes happy everyone.

4 – Delft


Delft is a small town in South Holland. The oldest and greatest painters Johannes Vermeer lived and worked here since the 17th century. Delft is built on Canals. Whenever you go, Delft must see charming Canals, peaceful walkways. Other famous attractions are Oude Kerk and Nieuwe Kerk, the Stedelijk Museum Het Prinsenof. These places have and an impressive collection of Dutch decorative arts. Famous hand-painted blue and white Delft Blue Earth waves have been made since the 17th century. You can spend the relaxed weekend at this place. Explore the museum, market stalls, and historic center.

3 – Utrecht

Netherlands, Utrecht (city), Oude Gracht

Utrecht is one of the Unique and architectural city. Utrecht is the fourth largest city. There is one religious center since the 18th century. Awe-striking Gothic Cathedral Saint Martin is a famous visitors attraction; it is a 200-year architectural feat that began in 1254. Visitors should not miss the Dom Tower, the Rietveld Schroder House and the Museum Speelklok that has a vast collection of music boxes, striking clocks, and self-paying musical instruments. The highest Netherland church tower Domtoren is 112 meters tall. Dom Tower still looks modern. You can visit old canal Oudegracht and stop for a drink at Cellar Cafe.

2 – Haarlem


With an impressive history Haarlem is the capital of North Holland. Haarlem is unofficially flowered city. It is the home of natural Bloemencorso Parade. Haarlem has a rich art heritage. Cultural life in Haarlem is famous. Two museums Museum the Frans Hals Museum and Corrie ten Boom Museum are quite famous. These powerful places have a thriving commercial center, an inspiration for the artist. Large quantities of beer produce here. St Bavo Church, the heterogeneous collection of the famous Taylors Museum. Taylors Museum is one of the oldest Museum that has natural history and art.

1 – Vrijthof, Maastricht

Tourist Attraction in Netherland

Vrijthof, Maastricht located in the southern of the Netherland. It is the only city of Netherland that surrounded by hills. It represents the great Saint Servatius Church and Saint Jan’s Cathedral. The Meuse river divides into two parts, the historical center that filled with Churches, squares, and charming buildings. Other parts ancient fortification offers a full kind of shops, restaurants and bars. The Vrijthof offers large festivals throughout the year such as autumn and winter celebrations. Other attractions in Maastricht are St. Pietersberg Caves and the Helpoort. Visitors must take a boat trip on Meuse River.

We hope you have liked these top best Tourist Attraction in Netherland.

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